Frequently Asked Questions

What is ParentConnect?
ParentConnect is an easy to use web application for parents and legal guardians of students in the Peel District School Board. ParentConnect offers easy and convenient self-service access to important K-12 student information.
How do I access ParentConnect?
Accessing ParentConnect is simple, just visit
How do I create a ParentConnect account?
The easiest way to create a ParentConnect account is to use an existing social media login. ParentConnect can link to your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Microsoft account. Or visit Youtube and search for register for a parentconnect account to watch an instructional video.
What do I need to do to get access to my child’s information?
ParentConnect uses 2 keys to ensure security. A user must have both a valid student number and a ParentConnect token to get access to student data.
How do I add students to my account?
You can add students to your account by clicking the Add student button from the profile page. You will be prompted for the student number and ParentConnect token.
Where can I find my child’s student number?
Your child’s student number is displayed on all official documents (report card, transcript). You can also get the student number by calling or visiting the school. Please note that you will need to provide proof of identity before the student number is released.
Where can I obtain a ParentConnect token?
A ParentConnect token can only be obtained through email (if the school has your email address) or by calling or visiting the main office. Please note that you will need to provide proof of identity before the ParentConnect token is released.
Can I associate multiple students with a single ParentConnect account?
Yes, you can associate all your students under a single ParentConnect account.
I received an email but it only works for one of my children?
You will receive a separate email for each student registered with the Peel District School Board. Each student has a unique token and a token for one student will not work for another student.
Is there a MAC version of ParentConnect?
ParentConnect is a web application and will work on all modern web browsers.
Is there a mobile app for ParentConnect?
Yes, if you go to the App store and search for Peel ParentConnect, you can download and install the mobile application
How is the data protected? Is it shared with anyone?
ParentConnect is an internally designed and hosted application. We do not share your data with anyone.
What information is available through ParentConnect
With a ParentConnect account, parents and legal guardians can:
  • view school-based alerts and information
  • access real time absence reporting
  • view current and historic elementary report card information
  • get up-to-date busing information
  • review secondary school credit history and diploma status
  • and more
How long will my access last?
Although your ParentConnect account will never expire, the ParentConnect token that allows access to student data changes every year.
Is there a mobile app available for my iPhone or Android device?
Yes, you can find the apps by searching for Peel ParentConnect in the Google Play Store or Apple Apps.
I’m having trouble logging in, who can help me?
Instructional videos are available off the main login page at If you continue to have issues logging in, please send us an email to
I can’t get access to my child’s data, who can help me?
Both the student number and ParentConnect token can be obtained by calling or visiting the school’s main office. Please note that you will need to provide proof of identity before this data is released.